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Cause the Bible Tells Me So

Weekend Messages

Cause the Bible Tells Me So


Week 1 - November 15

66 books by 40 authors over 1500 years on 3 continents with one central theme - God's redemption through Jesus. It's not just a book, it's the Bible. 

Week 2 - November 22

In the midst of every problem the goal should be to find a solution. The Bible points us to man's problem and to God's solution. 

Week 3 - November 29

Misunderstanding of scripture can lead to great disappointment. Make sure you're doing this when studying God's word. 

Week 4 - December 6

What does the Bible tells us about the purpose of the church? Is it just there to meet my needs or is there something greater? Am I missing out on the bigger picture? 

Week 5 - December 13

The Bible tells us how to handle our troubles, especially when we read the words of Jesus. Find out what Jesus told us in this week's message.