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Message Notes and Stories

These posts tell our story: what God is speaking to us, what God has done in our lives, and what we pray you see Him do in yours. You'll find recent video messages, message notes, individual stories of God's work. 

This is our story.

Staying in Love


Sharable notes for the October 30, 2016 message. You can post these notes on your social platform! (Each point is less than 140 characters!)

  • If you're single, don't think of yourself as inferior. Single is a a spiritual empowerment God can use to accomplish His purposes.
  • If we see love as a just a feeling, when that feeling’s not there, we will seek the feeling in other people, places and things.
  • Our earthly marriage is a shadow of our most ultimate union, our union to Christ.
  • Marriage meets our desires for companionship, affection, affirmation and security. It teaches us to love like God, often with grace.
  • The key to staying in love is mutual submission - making the other the priority, submitting personal agendas to the greater whole.
  • Wife as her husbands helper means she is a source of strength in his life.
  • Husbands, lead your wife like Christ with servant leadership. As servant leader you take initiative for the benefit of others.
  • Staying in love means we need to learn to love like God. Mutual submission teaches us what it means to love like God. 
  • Jesus looked to others interests, set aside glory to serve others, opted for relationship over control. That's our example.
  • “The primary point of marriage is to teach you to wash the feet of another sinner.” Elyse Fitzpatrick
  • When we love our spouse, we mutually submit to each other, not because they deserve it, but out of reverence for Christ.
  • We can saturate our marriages, homes and workplace with the gospel when we ask others this question - "What can I do to serve you today?"