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Youth News

Games. With Eggs.


This Sunday night at small groups you've got the opportunity to vote for a special competition your groups will be doing. Which one do you want it to be? View the descriptions below and then go to Unashamed Twitter's feed and vote on the twitter poll at the top of the feed. Let us know! 

Easter Egg Taboo:


At the beginning of the party, give each person a small basket with a specific number of plastic eggs. You can use any size basket and eggs you wish, but each person will need to keep their basket with them throughout the party. Instruct everyone to pay attention to everyone else during the party. Choose an action or word that needs to be taboo. It could be crossing legs while sitting, saying the word “Easter” or something else. If someone observes another person doing the taboo action, they collect an egg from that person’s basket. At the end of the party, the person with the most eggs wins a prize.


Easter Egg Charades:


Fill plastic eggs with papers containing specific actions or activities that can be acted out. Have each person take a turn by grabbing an egg then acting out what is on the paper inside. Give each person one minute, then the person who guesses get to take the egg from the person acting out or if nobody guesses, the actor keeps their egg. At the end of the game, the person with the most eggs is the winner and gets a prize.


Easter Egg Toss:


Serve up plenty of hard boiled, decorated Easter eggs for the game and perhaps mix a few decorated raw eggs in as well for some extra fun. Pair up teens with each pair standing face to face, and have them toss eggs back and forth, trying not to drop them. Teams that drop their egg are eliminated. To add a little more difficult, each person should take one step backwards away from their partner each time they catch an egg.

If you want to add some more drama to the game, have team members toss the egg across to their partner, then pass it to the person on their left. Keep going until one team is left, then allow the two team members to toss their egg back and forth until one person misses.


Pass The Egg:

A version of pass the pan, where instead of passing a pan you pass a bowl of plastic eggs with the word or phrase inside the eggs on a piece of paper.

To prepare for the game, cut paper into small pieces and have players write down virtually anything that can be used for guessing: objects, movies, places, people, anything that comes to mind. Fold the pieces and put them in plastic eggs and then in a bowl, hat, etc.

Divide into teams of 2. Each team has 1 minute to describe as many pieces of paper from within the eggs as possible without saying the word on the paper. Once all the terms run out the round is done.

Next round, players are limited to only 3 words.

The next & final round, players are not allowed to say anything. The team with the most points after the 3 rounds wins.