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Youth News

New Series Starts March 13 at Unashamed


Cliche is defined as a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought. The church has a lot of phrases we use. On March 13 we're going to begin a series that looks into a few of these and ask the question, overused statement or truth?

Each UN service opens with a competition, has live music,  and then a message to help us understand more this faith we have in Jesus. 

  • March 13th: "Jesus Loves Me this I Know."
    Opening competition: Ninja Piñata - Test your awareness by putting on a blind fold and seeing if you can bust open a piñata with just your senses and your feet. 
  • April 3rd: "Devil is a Lie!"
    Opening competition: Face Shots - We've got see through beach balls and we're throwing them at your face. Yeah it sounds mean but it's going to be awesome when we add a camera and get the visual from your perspective. 
  • April 17TH: "God is good, all the time; all the time, God is good."
    Opening competition: Lip Sync Battle - Let's see who can put on the best show! 
  • May 1st: "God will Never Give you More then you can Handle."
    Opening competition: Drink-O - It's like plink-0 from the Price is Right but wherever your chip lands determines what you put down the ole pipe. It could be Coke. It could be Sprite. It could be pickle juice. Or it could be a combination of those and more.