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AD the Bible Continues

Weekend Messages

AD the Bible Continues


NBC televised this amazing series. We took the opportunity to follow the series exploring the early church in the book of Acts and what they teach us about faith. 

From Doubt to Faith

Instead of remembering people for who they were, we should make it our goal to know people for who they are becoming. 

Give Him Room

What are you doing in your life to make room for the Holy Spirit to work and to move?

Take a Stand

In our faith we should never be afraid to stand, but any stand we take for God should be taken with conviction, God's truth, and with grace.

He Does the Impossible

In situations that seem impossible, we can't forget that we serve a God who makes all things possible. 

The Power of Story

There's power in story especially when the story has power to transforms lives.

For Our Good

Not just in the good things. Not just in the great things. But in ALL THINGS God works together for us for our good. 


Jesus Said Go

In what unique and personal way are you able to share the love of Jesus with others?

A Miraculous Transformation

Saul was an enemy of the cross who became a preacher of the cross because of the transforming power of Jesus. God's love can transform anyone and can transform us is amazing ways.

Called to Go

The book of Acts shows how the disciples were always on go, living in the presence of Jesus, even in the mundane. Let's live the same!