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June and July 2017 Preschool

Kid's News

June and July 2017 Preschool


This summer, our preschoolers are learning that they can do what God wants them to do! Watch this video and then take a look below at each week and the specific story your child will hear. As you scroll, you'll also see a few downloadable resources that you can use to help continue the conversation at home with your kids.



Over the next nine weeks, your child will be learning about kids in the Bible who rocked. Or, in other words, kids In the Bible who did what God wanted them to do. We believe that kids who do what God wants them to do totally rock! This summer, your child will hear about how people in the Bible did amazing things when they were still kids!

You do so much as a parent to help your child develop the skills they will need to become a successful adult. You help them learn new information, master new skills, and make new friends. How about we add doing what God wants them to do to that list? No matter how young or old a person is, they can do what God wants them to do. We think that is what makes you and your child ROCK!

The best way for your child to learn to do what God wants them to do is by watching you, their parent, do what God wants you do. Yes, you have that much influence on your child. Hey, when you rock, your child rocks! Take some time this summer to think about what God wants you to do and then make it a goal to do it. Help a neighbor? Be brave? Share what you have? When your child sees you doing what God wants you to do, it will help them do what God wants them to do. THAT totally rocks!

We want to offer you ways to help your children remember that Jesus is God's Son. Here's what we'll be talking about each week: 

  • June 4 - Mary and Joseph nd 12-year-old Jesus sitting in the temple and talking with the religious leaders. Luke 2:41-50
  • June 11 - The boy Samuel learns to listen when God speaks to him. 1 Samuel 3:1-10, 19
  • June 18 - Samuel anoints David, the youngest of Jesse’s sons, to be the next king of Israel. 1 Samuel 16:1-13
  • June 25 - The young boy David volunteers to battle Goliath and defeats him with a sling and ve smooth stones. 1 Samuel 17:1-50
  • July 2 - Young Daniel and his three friends ask to only eat vegetables and drink water when in training with King Nebuchadnezzar because they want to honor God. Daniel 1
  • July 9 - Young Miriam watches her baby brother Moses after their mom puts him in a basket and hides him in the reeds on the bank of the Nile River. Exodus 1:22-2:10
  • July 16 - Josiah becomes king at just eight years old and leads the people to do what God wants them to. 2 Chronicles 34
  • July 23 - Jesus uses a young boy’s lunch to perform a miracle and feed over 5000 people. John 6:1-13
  • July 30 -A review of Kids Rock ending with Timothy encouraging the reader to not let anyone think less of them because they are young. 1 Timothy 4:12

Parent Cue Sheet to give you ideas of things to do with your children at morning time, bath time, car time, play time and cuddle time:

June Cue Sheet
July Cue Sheet

You can also join our parents Facebook group to get more ideas during the week. 

Our memory verse for the month and the hand motions that your children are doing each Sunday to help them remember:

Memory Verse