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June 2017 Kid's Church

Kid's News

June 2017 Kid's Church


Our children will learn to embrace the way God made them by watching how we, as parents, handle the gifts God has given us. The comparison trap we fall into amongst our peers is just as real for our children as it is for us adults. Living in a constant state of comparison is poisonous and can keep us from truly seeing ourselves as God sees us. If you struggle with this, take a personality assessment to rediscover your strengths and celebrate them. God created each of us with a specific purpose in mind and when we embrace the way we are made, our children will learn to do the same! 

We want to help with this. That's why this month we are learning in Kid's church about creativity: imagining what you could do because you were made in God's image. Below you'll discover what we're talking about each week, and you'll also see a few downloadable resources that you can use to help continue the conversation at home with your kids!

  • June 4 - Creation Story Part 1: God made everything. Genesis 1:1-25
  • June 11 - Creation Story Part 2: God made you. Genesis 1:26-2:1-25
  • June 18 - Adam's First Job: God made you to imagine. Genesis 2:19-20
  • June 25 - The FallGod made you to know Him. Genesis 3

Downloadable devotions that you could do with your kids: (Daily devotionals for each week)

Weekly Devotions

Parent Cue Sheet to give you meal time discussion ideas with your kids, morning time conversations, and other information:

Cue Sheet

You can also join our parents Facebook group to get more ideas during the week. 

Additional verses and discussion points you could use with your kids to help continue the conversation:

Extra Verses