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June and July 2016 Kid's Church

Kid's News

June and July 2016 Kid's Church


Our kids have incredibly beautiful imaginations. They see shapes in the stars of the night sky. They make up stories about unicorns and fairies. They pretend to be the MVP of their favorite pro team. With their imaginations, kids dream big and imagine impossible dreams. But at some point every kid realizes stars are simply balls of gas, unicorns aren’t real, and their odds of going pro are slim. 

Sometimes reality can be disappointing. 

But sometimes reality changes us for the better. The real story of Jesus—how he really walked on earth, how he really died for our sins, and how he really rose again—gives kids something to believe in that will see them through the ups and downs of life. When kids allow the story of Jesus to become part of who they are, it can impact every decision they make. 

That's why for these two months we're talking about the virtue of faith, and how believing what Jesus did can change us!

Below you'll find what we're talking about each week, and you'll also find a few downloadable resources that you can use to help continue the conversation at home with your kids. We hope you find this helpful!

  • June 5 - Mapped Out: The story of Jesus changes everything. The Gospels
  • June 12 - Rerouted: The story of Jesus changes how I see Him. Acts 7:34-60; 9:1-25
  • June 19 - Navigator: The story of Jesus changes how I see others. Acts 9:26-31
  • June 26 - Detour: The story of Jesus changes how I help others. Acts 11:25-30; 13:1-3
  • July 3 - Gentiles on My Mind: The story of Jesus is for everybody. Acts 15:1-35
  • July 10 - Get Agrippa: The story of Jesus is bigger than every other story. acts 21:10-36; 25:23-26:32
  • July 17 - Signed, Sealed, Forgiven: The story of Jesus changes how I forgive others. Ephesians 4:32
  • July 24 - Rocked the Boat: The sotry of Jesus changes how I see my problems. Acts 27:1-28:10
  • July 31 - Love Will Keep Us Together: The story of Jesus changes how we work together. Ephesians 4:4-6, 15b-16

Downloadable devotions that you could do with your kids: (Daily devotionals for each week)

June Weekly Devotions
July Weekly Devotions

Parent Cue Sheet to give you meal time discussion ideas with your kids, and other information:

June Cue Sheet
July Cue Sheet

Additional verses and discussion points you could use with your kids to help continue the discussion:

June Extra Verses
July Extra Verses