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Message Notes and Stories

These posts tell our story: what God is speaking to us, what God has done in our lives, and what we pray you see Him do in yours. You'll find recent video messages, message notes, individual stories of God's work. 

This is our story.

No Greater Command


Sharable notes for the August 16, 2015 message. You can post these notes on your social platform! (Each point is less than 140 characters!)

  • We can’t really love anyone else the way we should until we learn to love God the way we should.
  • We'll never love others like we should if we’re loving God with unguarded hearts, indifferent souls, troubled minds and fleshly strength.
  • The way people know that you have been with Jesus is by how well you love.
  • Our love for God is demonstrated by our love for others. Our spirituality is determined by how well we love not how much we know.
  • We have a different perspective for that which we love. Let love define your perspective not perspective your love. 
  • God hasn’t called us to fix people but to love people. God is the only one who can change a person’s heart.
  • A pursuing love is the precursor to seeing a person’s life changed.
  • If I’m not demonstrating a life that is different then I’m no longer loving I’m enabling.
  • The more we learn to love Jesus the more we’ll learn to love others and attract the same kind of people Jesus attracted.
  • Demonstrate love by seeing the value in every person, loving people more than making a point, & having friendship without strings attached.

See the live event from "No Greater Command" in Youversion Live for all scriptures referenced & to add to the notes.