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All About Jesus

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I know men and I tell you that Jesus Christ is no mere man. Between Him and every other person in the world there is no possible term of comparison. Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and I have founded empires. But on what did we rest the creation of our genius? Upon force. Jesus Christ founded His empire upon love; and at this hour millions of men would die for Him.
— Napoleon

Where do we get our understanding of who Jesus is? Culture, media, society, tradition, and so on should not be what forms our understanding of Jesus. The word of God should be what we stand on.

Our desire should not be to know the Jesus of culture or religion, but to know the Jesus of the Bible. Paul addressed this issue with the church in Corinth and warned them that they were too tolerant. Tolerance can be detrimental to our spiritual walk. Jesus warned the church of Thyatira about their tolerance and how displeasing it was to Him. The danger of tolerance is that it leads to acceptance.

Tolerance has led to the idea that it doesn’t matter what you believe, it doesn’t matter what you do, it doesn’t matter how you live, as long as you don’t hurt anyone.  You can do whatever you want. 

  • Don’t judge me, I won’t judge you.

  • There’s no truth anyway, you can’t tell me what’s right or wrong, I’ll make the determination, therefore I can do whatever I want.

  • Let's all tolerate whatever beliefs or lifestyles that everyone has because they are all absolutely equal.

Tolerance tells us that we can all get to the same place following our different ideals. The bible warns of this through Paul’s teaching to Timothy.

Jesus tells a different story from tolerance. He came from Heaven. He doesn’t claim to have a revelation from Heaven, He is from Heaven. (John 6:388:58) He didn’t claim to be a good man, He was a God man. (John 5:17-18) He proclaimed Himself as the Son of Man. When those around Him heard this proclamation they remembered Daniel’s prophecy of one who would be given all dominion and authority over all lands, one who’s kingdom could not be destroyed. He performed miracles (check out the gospels) and had authority over the elements. (Luke 8:25) He forgave sins. He says to you, “Friend, you can be forgiven.” (Luke 5:20) He was the sinless sacrifice.(1 Peter 1:18-20)

And to throw all tolerance out of the window, Jesus proclaimed that He alone was our way to Heaven. (John 14:6) If anyone has a problem with this statement, they have a problem with Jesus. This is what led Christ to the cross. This is what led Christ to suffer the torment He suffered so that we would have an avenue to a relationship with the Heavenly Father, and a means by which to spend our eternity with Him. (1 Peter 2:24-25) Maybe if we kept the visual of what Jesus did for us (Isaiah 53:3-12), we would be slow to fall to temptation and slow to be tolerant as culture teaches tolerance.

Jesus didn’t come to be just a good teacher or just a good leader. He is the resurrection and the life. He is the bread of life. He is the way, the truth and the life. He is the cornerstone of the church. He is the I Am. HE IS! His legacy is stunning. Think of the difference that Christ made while walking this earth.

Jesus made a huge difference to the lives of children. He brought value to kids in a culture that devalued them. He brought value to kids born in difficult situations because He was one of them. He became the example of adoption. Joseph adopted Jesus to be His earthly father and through Jesus we are able to become children of God, adopted into His family, with His Spirit crying out through us “Abba, Father!”

Jesus made a huge difference in the lives of women. He gave honor and dignity to women who received no honor and dignity. He talked to the samaritan woman. He healed a widows son. He healed various women including one who pushed through the crowd to touch the hem of his garment. He stopped a woman from being stoned. He allowed women to be taught. He let a woman anoint him. He gave women a place at the table. The resurrection message began with women.

Jesus made a huge difference in the lives of slaves. He took the very nature of a servant, a slave. His lifestyle challenged the disciples and apostles in a way that they would begin teaching against slave trade. In his letter to Timothy, Paul put slave traders in the category with rebels, the ungodly, the unholy, and murderers. Philemon was encouraged to receive Onesimus back, not as a slave, but as a brother.

Jesus is without equal. He never wrote a book but the library of Congress holds over 17,000 books about him. He never ran for political office but more people have chosen Him to be their leader than anyone else. He wasn’t formally educated but has more students than any teacher who has ever lived. He’s not an artist but more artwork has been commissioned on his behalf. The difference He has made in history is staggering.

Jesus made an impact in history, but has he made an impact in your history? Maybe you’ve experienced His love, salvation, forgiveness, healing, restoration, encouragement, empowering, His transformation. Jesus is about changing history, and He’s about changing your story. So what’s your story? How has Jesus been the difference maker in your life? How has He impacted your story? We would love to hear how the transforming power of Jesus has impacted your life. If you haven't taken the step to accept Christ as your Savior, we would love to help you take that step in letting Jesus become your difference maker? Click here to find out how Jesus can change your life.

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