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John chapter 1 tells us that when Jesus called His disciples, He invited them to come and see. It tells us that the first thing Andrew did when He met Jesus was to go back and find his brother Simon, and invite him to come. We also see where Philip invited Nathanael. Nathanael was a little hesitant, but Philip's response was a simple and clear example for all of us to use. Philip's simple response to Nathanael was "Come and see." 

We're not asking people to come and follow Bethel Worship Center, or any individual leader at Bethel Worship Center. BWC is a body that's empowered by Christ and His Holy Spirit. You have the opportunity in life to play a part in someone else's story. That part could be one of eternal significance. Your come and see moment with someone you're connected to could have a huge impact on their life.

Don't just invite someone to come to church, invite someone to come with you! 

cues to listen for:

When you meet people or have your everyday conversations, listen out for these cues, or phrases similar to these:

  • Things are NOT going well...
  • I was NOT prepared for...
  • I am NOT from here....

When one of these three cues is mentioned, share your story and extend an invitation to church. You can even use one of the tools below.... 

tools to help you:

invite cards

We have postcard size invite cards at the welcome center you are free to take and use when inviting people to church. Here's some ideas: 

  • Put a stack at your office, store or place of work.
  • Ask if you can set a stack out in a business that you frequent.
  • Give them to neighbors, friends and co-workers when you have a conversation about your church.
  • Leave them on tables at restaurants to invite your server.
  • Make a list of five people, pray for them and then look for opportunities to have a conversation and then give them the card.
  • Ask God to give you an opportunity to give them out.
  • Give them out in the lunchroom or before class begins.
  • Keep a few in your purse or car.


act of kindness cards

We have business size cards at the welcome center you are free to take and use. When you do something kind for someone else leave this card for them. Here are some ideas:

  • Buy something for someone behind you in line.
  • Make a simple gift bag for kids in your neighborhood.
  • Do something for a mom you work with who's on maternity leave.
  • Check on a senior citizen who may live near you.
  • Leave change in a vending machine.
  • Send someone you work with, live around, or do life with who needs a pick me up an anonymous gift.
  • Write an encouraging note for someone you work with, live around, or do life with.
  • Bring in your neighbors trash bins.
  • Leave a GENEROUS tip for your server.
  • Bake cookies for a neighbor or to take to a first responder station.

social media

Use one of the following graphics to share about what your church means to you and invite your friends to join you! Make sure to include service times and location. You can always point them to our website. We have a page specifically for first time visitors -