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Ebooks and Pdfs

We want to offer you free resources that will help you along your journey in life. Below you will find ebooks/pdfs with information for your spiritual journey, parenting journey, career journey and all around life journey. Feel free to download these and enjoy at your convenience. 

Spiritual Journey

What's Next After Salvation? - So you've accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior, and now you're wondering what's next? We don't want to leave you wondering. Here's a simple ebook to to help you understand where to start on this journey with Jesus Christ. 

Who I Am - Ever needed a reminder of who you were in Christ? Download this pdf to keep some helpful reminders on hand and some scripture verses to read when you need encouragement. 

Gifts Assessment - These assessments will help you determine where you can use your giftings, talents, passions, life experiences, etc. to best serve. This is not an end all guide, just something to help you get started. You can purchase this great book online to read more in detail! 

The World Map of Christian Apps - Yes there's an app for that, an app to help you in your spiritual journey, and the amazing team of has put together this resource to help you find the perfect app for your needs. 

Prayer - Here's a simple ebook to help you understand the importance of prayer, what it is and why we should do it. We also recommend the book Circle Maker, by Mark Batterson

Reading the Bible - A simple ebook to help you understand the importance of the Bible. What makes it relevant and trustworthy? How do I go about reading it and applying it to my life? 

Sharing Your Story - Telling others about Jesus can be a scary thing, but it doesn't have to be. Here's some helpful information on why it's important to share our story and how you can get started. 

Church - Why do we need church? We don't have to go to church to be a Christian do we? No, but the church exists to give us something bigger than ourselves to be a part of. This ebook will help you understand the importance of community and serving in the church. 

One Another - There are over 50 one another statements in the New Testament. These statements explain  how we are to treat each other. This infographic shows you these statements. 

Worship - Why is worship important? What is worship? This ebook will break down what it means to worship and how you can worship God? 

parenting journey

Parenting Tips - Who has it all figured out? Not us! But we do think the Bible gives us some great information to help us navigate the torrential waters of parenting. We hope you'll find this pdf helpful whether you're just starting out or entering a new season of the parenting journey.

Answering Kid's Questions - Do your kids ask questions? Tough questions? About Christianity and faith? We guess they probably do. Well the great people at put together this resource to help you have answers for when those questions come out of left field! 

Teach Your Kids At Home - We make it our goal to provide relevant lessons and take home materials to your children when they are here with us, but what about even more? You may want to have lessons to do with your kids, so thanks to, have we mentioned how awesome they are, you can check out this guide of where to find some great lessons. 

Summer Family Activity Book - This great resource from The Village Church in Dallas, TX helps you make the most of your summer with your children. 

relationships journey

Introspection Handout - Are you in a dating relationship and thinking about taking the next step and proposing, or wondering what you'll do if you get popped the question? This guide can help you in asking questions to make sure the relationship is one worth the journey. 

Career journey

Goal Tracker - Any successful person is one that sets goals, but more than that, they accomplish their goals. Dave Ramsey's business leadership organization, EntreLeadership (all business people should go here), has produced this simple tool to help you track your goals and succeed in life.