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Youth News

XOXO - UN June and July Series


Ah, the topic we all love to talk about - relationships. Why are relationships so difficult? Does there have to be so much drama? Do we make too big of a deal out of them? Join us this June and July for the XOXO series  in UN for a non-awkward conversation on relationships. 

  • June 4th - What is Love?
    Opening game - Secret Ingredient 
  • June 25th - Dating? Waiting? or Debating?
    Opening game - Would You Rather - Kahoot
  • July 9th - Let's Talk About Sex
    Opening game - Ring Around the Glowsie
  • July 30th - Panel Q&A
    Opening game - Word Sneak

For the July 20th service our leadership team will answer your anonymous questions on relationships. Submit your question anonymously to our team now by using the box below.