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Youth News

Summer Hangouts


Summer is upon us and we are looking forward to having a lot of FUN in Unashamed Uth! So don't miss out on our Summer Hang Outs.

All summer we will be getting together in our U-Groups to grow in Faith, increase our Unity, and hopefully make some New friends. Fill your ride up, get to U-Groups and let’s have some FUN!

Note: All participating youth will go to and leave from location mentioned. Each night is 6-7:30pm

June 9th – Kickball at Woodward Park

Come hang out with us as we enjoy some kickball with friends. Whether you like kickball or not it's still a good time!

June 23rd – Water night at Woodward Park

What better way to enjoy a hot day than by adding water? 

July 21st – Ultimate Frisbee at Woodward Park

A frisbee is involved. Divide up into teams and have some ultimate fun.

August 4th – Slip and Slide Kickball (location to be determined)!

Combine the fun of kickball and slip-n-slides, and this is going to be a can’t miss Sunday!

August 18th – Back to School Bash!

All good things must come to an end, but what better way to celebrate than with a party? Who we kidding though, summer may end but Unashamed never stops! That's really why we party! Don't miss it. 

You are NOT going to want to be left with F.O.M.O. @ the end of this summer. Don’t miss out on all the FUN! Are U N ?