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Youth News

Fireflies Game


Quarterly Company Review.png

Take me out to the ballgame!

Unashamed Youth will be having a night at the ballpark on August 17th. We will be leaving the church at 5pm for a 6 o’clock game. Cost is $10 and we will get dinner at the game. We have a limited amount of tickets so make sure you get yours ASAP! Seventh grade and up are able to go.

Summer Hangouts


Summer is upon us and we are looking forward to having a lot of FUN in Unashamed Uth! So don't miss out on our Summer Hang Outs.

All summer we will be getting together in our U-Groups to grow in Faith, increase our Unity, and hopefully make some New friends. Fill your ride up, get to U-Groups and let’s have some FUN!

Note: All participating youth will go to and leave from location mentioned. Each night is 6-7:30pm

June 9th – Kickball at Woodward Park

Come hang out with us as we enjoy some kickball with friends. Whether you like kickball or not it's still a good time!

June 23rd – Water night at Woodward Park

What better way to enjoy a hot day than by adding water? 

July 21st – Ultimate Frisbee at Woodward Park

A frisbee is involved. Divide up into teams and have some ultimate fun.

August 4th – Slip and Slide Kickball (location to be determined)!

Combine the fun of kickball and slip-n-slides, and this is going to be a can’t miss Sunday!

August 18th – Back to School Bash!

All good things must come to an end, but what better way to celebrate than with a party? Who we kidding though, summer may end but Unashamed never stops! That's really why we party! Don't miss it. 

You are NOT going to want to be left with F.O.M.O. @ the end of this summer. Don’t miss out on all the FUN! Are U N ?

June Series is Hot!



This June is going to be hot! Not just in regards to your thermometer, but also at UN. We’re jumping in and seeing how God used some pretty hot situations, specifically with fire. Let’s see how God can turn up the heat in our life this June.

  • June 2nd / God uses fire to make a point (Daniel 3)

  • June 16th /  God uses fire to communicate (Exodus 3:1-15)  

  • June 30th / God uses fire to lead (Exodus 13:17-22)



2019 plungers.png

May 19

Plungers is a night to honor Unashamed Youth and this year's graduating seniors. Why do we call it Plungers? Because we're honoring you for ridding the world of the devil's dung! 

This is a night to have fun, and for all those here at BWC to show the teenagers of Unashamed we believe in you and believe in what God is doing through you. 

We'll be giving away some plungers on this night and you can choose who you think deserves to take home one of these refuse removing tools. We take your nominations and randomly select some lucky teenager to have a golden stick with a black rubber suction device on the end of it. It's awesome! You can submit your nominations below.  

Most importantly we honor this year's Class of 2019. You'll receive a special charge from Pastor Caleb, but we're not saying goodbye, we're releasing you to go turn the world upside down for Christ. 

We'll have live music celebrating Jesus Christ, fun entertainment, PLUNGERS, and more! Grab your friends, bring em out, and let em see what being Unashamed is all about! Are U N?!

You can see pics from last year's Plungers by clicking here

When making nominations, please do not nominate Seniors. Seniors will be receiving special Outstanding Achievement Awards. Nominees for the following awards should be all other students. 

Red Bull Award
Red Bull Award
student who is known for their abundance of energy.
Spirit of Laughter Award
Spirit of Laughter Award
student known for their unique, contagious or fun laugh.
Samson Award
Samson Award
student known for great hair.
Unashamed Award
Unashamed Award
student who exemplifies a life unashamed of their faith.
David Award
David Award
student who exemplifies passionate worship.
Barnabas Award
Barnabas Award
student who you would describe as an encourager.
Joshua Award
Joshua Award
student who has displayed exceptional attendance at youth events.
God Has a Sense of Humor Award
God Has a Sense of Humor Award
student who is most likely to make you laugh.
Love Award
Love Award
student who shows genuine love to others as a brother/sister in Christ.
Joy Award
Joy Award
student who is the most likely to be found smiling.
Philippians 4:13 Award
Philippians 4:13 Award
student who has overcome difficult situations and provided inspiration.
5 Loaves & 2 Fish Award
5 Loaves & 2 Fish Award
student who is the most likely to have food at youth.
Timothy Award
Timothy Award
(middle school student only) a great example, role model.
Hebrews 6:1 Award
Hebrews 6:1 Award
Student who you have noticed exceptional growth in their relationship with God.
Squirrel Award
Squirrel Award
student who is well known for being easily distracted.
Quote of the Year Award
Quote of the Year Award
whether incredibly wise or incredibly dumb, who had the best quote?

2019 Wilmington Mission Week


Wilmington, nc.png

June 24-29

Unashamed Youth will be traveling to Wilmington, NC for a week of service to assist in relief from Hurricane Florence. Florence was a devastating storm that left a trail of destruction, and people are still trying to recover from its damage.

We will be serving specifically in Pender County, NC and partnering with Baptist on Mission. During the week we will be staying at Wilmington First Baptist Church. We will work during the day and in the evening we will be free to hang out together and visit some around downtown Wilmington. We will also spend a day at the beach while we are there.

If you would like more information about the trip, simply let us know in the form below and we will contact you.

Total cost for the trip will be $125 and it is due no later than June 2nd. The cost includes lodging, food, transportation, and other activities during the week. More information will be posted as it becomes available. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Pastor Caleb at


Youth Service in Columbia March 31


Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 11.52.17 AM.png

We will be heading to Columbia on March 31st for a special youth service. We will leave at 4pm from the church, stop and grab some eats together, and then should be back at church around 8:30pm. If you have any questions feel free to contact Pastor Caleb through email at

Auditions for Youth Worship Band



We are having auditions for Unashamed’s youth worship band. If you are gifted in any way musically or vocally we would love to have you come out to our audition and show us what you got. Our band does worship for Unashamed Youth Services every other Sunday night. We practice together on the Sunday afternoons of youth service.

The audition is scheduled for March 3rd at 6pm so let us know your interested ASAP! Complete the form and we’ll be in touch.

Name *
Mobile Number *
Mobile Number
What would you like to audition for? *

Youth Ski Trip


Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 11.28.28 AM.png

This year's ski trip is scheduled for January 31st-February 3rd, 2019.

We are looking forward to another great year of growing and encountering God together while we experience the presence of God in a life changing way! This year we’re going to Accelerant. Accelerant exists to challenge and encourage teens to know who they are in Christ and to live that out everyday in God’s presence and power. While our society has one careless way of shaping the hearts and desires of young people, Jesus has a far better Way. Not only does He love you, but He also has a calling for you - an incredible purpose lived out as the Holy Spirit empowers & equips. That's the message of Accelerant. God wants to light a fire in your heart. And we want to fan the flame. Join us for worship, teaching and fun on the slopes of OBER GATLINBURG

A $115 deposit is due no later than December 9th to reserve your spot!

After December 9th, registration will be closed and all money paid is non-refundable*.

*The conference will not refund any money paid after then.
Early registration ended November 11th.


Costs are listed below:

  • Snowboarders: $245

  • Skiers: $235

  • Non-skiers: $195

The cost includes travel, motel, conference registration, and, if skiing, ski registration & equipment. Cost does not include food or any other shopping and activities you may want to do. If skiing, we will be skiing at Ober Gatlinburg.

We will be staying at the Quality Inn Creekside in Gatlinburg! 

Click here for a list of what to pack

Forms that will need to be turned in:

  • Medical Release (don't forget you will need to provide copy of insurance with this) You can either print this form and turn in to Pastor Caleb or scan and email with front & back copy of insurance card to Pastor Caleb at

Click here to see more information about speakers, bands and all things Accelerant.

Register now! Use this form to complete your registration online.

Evacuation 2018


August 3-5
$100 per person


It's that time again! Our summer evacuation is coming up in August! We will be headed to Camp Longridge for a weekend full. We'll have awesome opportunities to hang out and build relationships. We'll also have live music and will be encouraged through God's word. 



2:00pm - Leave from church

2:45pm - Arrive @Camp Longridge (Upon arriving unpack in cabins)

3-5:30ish pm - activities (Fiesta war volleyball)

6:00pm - Dinner (after dinner head back to get ready for service)

8:00pm - Service

10:00pm - Capture the flag


9:00am - Breakfast

9:30am - Devotional (after devo change for lake time)

11am-2pm - Lake Time

2:00pm - Lunch

3-6:00pm - Activities (Kiddie pool kickball)

7:00pm - Dinner

8:00pm - Service


9:00am - Pack up van

9:30am - Leave for Church

Fiesta Series



There's gonna be a party in Heaven for all believers who've accepted Jesus Christ and live their life for Him. The question is: who are you bringing with you? 

Join us for some live music and lots of fun!

  • June 3rd Opening game - Dizzy Dash
  • June 24th Opening game - Popular Mathmatics
  • July 15th Opening game - Mind Blown
  • July 29th Opening game - Word Sneak
  • August 12th Opening game - Name that Song Challenge

God's Plan Series


God's plan.png

Samson was an interesting individual. Perhaps what's most known about Samson is his unheralded strength. There's much more to Samson though, and there's a ton we can learn from his life about God's plan. We'll journey through how Samson was set apart from birth, the highs and lows of his life, the decisions he made that were good and bad, and at the end of it all Samson knew there was only one place to turn. 

Join us for some live music and lots of fun!

  • March 25th - Set Apart
    Opening game - March Madness
  • April 8th - Strength of Samson
    Opening game - Musical Chairs, Blindfolded
  • April 22nd - Weakness of Samson
    Opening game - Danger Word
  • May 6th - Redemption
    Opening game - Say Whaaaat? 

X Series



There are some things you're not suppose to talk about, right? Sex trafficking, pornography, sexual abuse, etc. are real issues we face in our world today. Maybe we should be talking about it...?

Join us for some live music and lots of fun. We'll start the night off with a little Faceketball!

I'm a Believer Series



You believe in Jesus - great! The Bible says even the demons believe. So what does it mean to truly be a 'believer'? Is there a possibility we've been misled or might we have any misconceptions?

I'm a Believer is a two week series that will take place at our UN youth service. There will be live music and lots of fun. Games for each week listed below:

January 14 - Dice or No Dice?
January 28 - Were You Paying Attention?

New Year's Eve Hang Out



The countdown to the New Year is on! Join us as we celebrate with some food, FUN & prizes. Dress up as your favorite Christmas character & you could win a grand prize. PLUS, some of the funnest games you'll ever play! All the FUN begins @ 8pm & doesn't stop til the Countdown Ball drops.

New Series - Binge



There's so much out there that screams for our attention and if we're not careful, we will indulge in the wrong things. Join us in October and November as we unpack this idea at UN and ask the question, what are you binging on? 

  • October 8th - Opening game - Face it Challenge (You are given random faces to make at an opponent and try to hold for 10 seconds without being the first to break into laughter.)
  • October 22nd - Opening game - Drink-O (A variation of the game plink-o where you could end up drinking something that tastes really good, or something that tastes really bad)
  • November 5th - Opening game - Cooler Heads (A trivia game where wrong answers could lead to a cold situation)
  • November 19th - Opening game - Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts (A game that involves questions and eating. Nothing scary there....right?)

New Series - Pharaoh's an Idiot


Maybe you've heard the story before, the one where Mose's confronts Pharaoh and tells him God said, "Let my people go!" Pharaoh doesn't want to so God sends 10 different plagues before Pharaoh's willing to oblige. We can be quick to label Pharaoh an idiot, but could it be that we have some of the same tendencies towards pride and hard heartedness that Pharaoh did? Join us in August and September as we unpack this idea at UN! 

  • August 13th - Pharaoh's Pride
    Opening game - Mind Link (Can you and a teammate get on the same wave length and pair the same random question with a random answer?)
  • August 27th - Pharaoh's hardness Part 1
    Opening game - You Laugh, You Lose (Laughter's the best medicine but in the this game laughter can make you a loser)
  • September 10th - Pharaoh's hardness Part 2
    Opening game - You Laugh, You Lose (Laughter's the best medicine but in the this game laughter can make you a loser)
  • September 24th - Counterfeit Repentance
    Opening game - Drink - O (A variation of the game plink-o where you could end up drinking something that tastes really good, or something that tastes really bad)

XOXO - UN June and July Series


Ah, the topic we all love to talk about - relationships. Why are relationships so difficult? Does there have to be so much drama? Do we make too big of a deal out of them? Join us this June and July for the XOXO series  in UN for a non-awkward conversation on relationships. 

  • June 4th - What is Love?
    Opening game - Secret Ingredient 
  • June 25th - Dating? Waiting? or Debating?
    Opening game - Would You Rather - Kahoot
  • July 9th - Let's Talk About Sex
    Opening game - Ring Around the Glowsie
  • July 30th - Panel Q&A
    Opening game - Word Sneak

For the July 20th service our leadership team will answer your anonymous questions on relationships. Submit your question anonymously to our team now by using the box below.