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Why We Believe

Weekend Messages

Why We Believe


MARCH 19, 2017 - Week 1

We live in a world of "post-truth" that needs to know THE Truth. We all need to know the truth of what we believe and why we believe.

MARCH 26, 2017 - Week 2

To recognize that there is meaning and purpose in life points to the truth that the Creator put that purpose in us.

APRIL 2, 2017 - Week 3

There's one question that Jesus posed to His disciples and that we need to pose to ourselves - Who do you say Jesus is?

APRIL 9, 2017 - Week 4

"I can't believe." "I don't want to believe." "I don't know what to believe." "I do believe, isn't that enough?" If you've said any of these regarding your belief in Jesus, then catch this week's message on why we believe.

APRIL 16, 2017 - Week 5 - Easter

Jesus was alive. Jesus did die. Jesus lives again. 

APRIL 23, 2017 - Week 6

The longing in our soul is a longing to return home to the Father. 

APRIL 30, 2017 - Week 7

When we believe Jesus is who He says He is and we begin to follow Him, our lives then become salt and light. What does that mean? Find out in this weeks message.