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Relentless Faith

Weekend Messages

Relentless Faith


To be relentless means to no keep going, never giving up. This is the kind of faith that followers of Jesus are called to and that we explore in this series. 

Week 1

Faith in Christ is not just adding Jesus to our life, it's placing our life in His hands, making Him Lord.

Week 2

Relentless faith is not just a recognition of Jesus, it is a relationship with Jesus. 

Week 3

What captures our heart gets our attention. 

Week 4

Our faith should not be childish where we are seeking selfish pleasure but childlike where we are completely dependent on Jesus.

Week 5

Relentless faith in Jesus is a faith that loves and follows Jesus completely. It's not a faith that loves and follows when it's convenient, or as a consumer, or even one that does just enough to fulfill a contractual duty. 

Week 6

A relentless faith follows God not just for what the Father can give you, but for the direction the Father can give you.