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Come - Wednesdays

what to expect

midweek refreshing

Wednesday night discipleship is a very casual environment. You can come straight from work, ball practice or whatever you may have going on. This one hour time frame during mid-week is for those who seek to go a little deeper into God's word and who may want to come a little early or stay a little afterwards to connect with others. We have opportunities for all ages: 


The adults meet in the gym. It is open to college age students and above. Pastor Casey leads this time together, and during Pastor's Class we journey through the Bible seeing how the whole of Scripture points to Jesus Christ. Click here to see what we mean. We invite you to bring your Bible and notepad, find a seat around one of the tables with 4 or 5 other people, and lets dig in together. 

Also, Frontline Worship Team practices in the Main Auditorium from 6-8pm. 

click on the image for more details about our Youth Ministry

click on the image for more details about our Youth Ministry

high school students

Our High School students meet in The Hub of the Education Building. You can enter through the door at the ramp. The atmosphere is set up for discussion and conversation with the intention of growing more as followers of Christ.  We also have nights that are meant strictly for relationship building where we will have competitions/games for the students, food, and just a relaxed time to hang out. They need these some nights after a stressful day at school. 

Middle school students

Our Middle School Students meet downstairs in the Education Building. The boys meet in one room and the girls meet together in a separate room. Each group has discussions that help them as they are navigating through these adolescent years being faced with more and more temptation in our culture. 


We ask you to please take your kids to their location before you go to your environment. 

On Wednesday's, all of our children are in the Education Building. We have signs on campus directing you here. As you enter the side door, on the gym side, we have a check-in system where you will check your child in. You will receive name tags and security tags at time of check-in. 

Mpact is a ministry for girls (and preschool boys) teaching the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ. Click on the image for more details about Mpact. 

Our Royal Rangers is an activity-based ministry for boys in grades K-5. Click on the image for more details about Royal Rangers.


We do provide childcare for infants 0-24 months. The nursery is located in the downstairs of the Education Building. Your child will be loved and cared for during this hour while you attend the Midweek Refreshing. 


We have three entrances to our parking lot. Two are off of Fair Street and one is off of York Street. We recommend parking here on Wednesday nights.