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Come - Sundays

your presence matters - it's not just something we say, it's something we mean. 

What to Expect

sunday mornings

Bethel Worship Center is for anyone and everyone. Your background, your race, your nationality, your socio-economic status - none of that matters when it comes to attending Bethel. We are all the same - imperfect people following a perfect God. You can come casual or in your "Sunday best." We just invite you to simply come experience a service with us. Our service time for Sunday morning is 10:30am.

Our services are designed to equip and inspire you to live life the way our Heavenly Father designed it to be lived. They are comprised of two primary elements: worship and word.

Our worship time is led by our band, Frontline. This time before the message includes singing and playing instruments. We don’t believe that singing praise and worship songs in and of itself is worship. However we do believe we are taught in scripture that we are to do this, and that it is a powerful means of expressing our love to Christ, responding to him as our Lord and Savior.

We desire to correctly and relevantly teach the truth of God’s word. We want you to be able to apply God's word directly to your life. It is not our goal to pressure anyone, but our desire is that we all are challenged by God's word in a way that leads us to be transformed. You can listen or watch online any of the messages preached here on recent Sundays.

What about children?

We value our children at BWC. We want them to be safe and have a great time while they are here. We also want you and the others in our church service to be able to get everything out of it that you can.


  • Tadpoles - 0-24 month olds Nursery meets in Preschool
  • Pollywogs - 2-3 year olds meets in Preschool
  • Caterpillars - 4-5 year old pre-k meets in Perschool
  • Kid's Church - Elementary age meets in Gym

For specific imformation on these ministries click here


We ask you to please take your kids to their locations before you come into the adult worship experience. (See our Pro-Kid's Information below)

We have a check-in system at each location where you will check your child in. You will receive name tags and security tags at time of check-in. For security reasons, only those who have those tags will be able to pick up your kid.

Our Nursery and Preschool classes are located in the Preschool Building, while our Kid's Church is in the gym. You can see the campus map, and we also have people willing to help you in any way necessary! 

What about students?

We believe it is important for students in sixth grade and up to be in the service on Sunday mornings with the adults. For more information on meeting times for our youth and the ministries that are offered specifically for them, please check our youth page.

WHAT ABOUT parking?

We have three entrances to our parking lot. Two are off of Fair Street and one is off of York Street. We recommend that families with elementary age and younger children park in the parking lot if possible, to be closer to the gym and preschool building. There is also parking available along the road on Fair Street.