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BWC is not about one person or even one small group of people. If you are around our campus long enough you will hear the phrase "Team Bethel" used quite often. That's because we know that for the church to be successful, and for the Kingdom of God to advance, it takes the body, the whole, the team working together. A large percentage of what we do happens because of volunteers that sacrifice hours to serve and help us create an environment where transformation can take place.

We do believe in the importance of leadership and realize that as Paul instructed Timothy there are to be elders who lead the church. Also, teams need coaches. Here's ours:

  • Pastor Casey Mills - Lead Pastor and visionary for BWC. Main Sunday morning communicator. Came to bethel in November of 1992.

  • Pastor Javin Proctor - Associate Pastor. Oversees communications, discipleship and volunteer staffing. Came to Bethel in April of 2001.

  • Pastor Brian Wieneke - Worship Pastor. Oversees Frontline Worship (music/sound) and creative teams along with Kid's Church. Came to Bethel in January of 2006.

  • Pastor Raymond Sellers - Bethel Cares Director. Oversees Bethel Cares Preschool and Afterschool ministry along with the Senior Adult ministry. Came to Bethel in September of 2004.

  • Pastor Caleb Martin - Youth Pastor. Oversees all middle school and high school ministries. Came to Bethel in September of 2018.

  • Sarah Gardner - Administrative Assistant. Oversees administrative tasks for the church and Bethel Cares. The glue. Came to Bethel in September of 2003.