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Spark News

Sneak Peak into 2017-18


Our theme for 2017-2018 is CLEAR with one simple statement:

“Marriage has enough questions. Get CLEAR.”  

Our goal for 2017-18 is to empower couples to get clear. Here’s a brief look at what our night out events will be centered around and their tentative dates. 


  • Get Clear on . . . God’s Help. You have a big fan of your marriage—God. He wants you and your spouse to succeed, to be the best version of the two of you. And He’s provided a Helper, the Holy Spirit, and a great tool to help you do that—simply pausing and praying.
    Core 4 Habit: Love God First
  • Get Clear on . . . What’s in Your Backpack. Every one of us is carrying something every day. For some it’s baggage from the past, but for a lot of us, it’s just the pile-on of everyday life and the demands that come from adult-ing. You probably know what is wearing you down, but what about your spouse? What is he or she carrying? We need to see past our own stuff, and get clear on what’s on our spouse’s heart and mind.
    Core 4 Habit: Respect & Love
  • Get Clear on . . . Your Team. Who are the people surrounding your marriage? Friends. Family. Co-workers. Neighbors. Acquaintances. Those are the people in the background of your lives. Are they adding value to your relationship? Are they encouraging you to be the best version of your US? Are they bringing clarity?
    Core 4 Habit: Have Serious Fun


We have tentatively scheduled a small group kickoff for January 21st that will launch a six week study we know will benefit your marriage. More details for signup and to be involved will be up in later in 2017. Here's this year's study:

Get Clear about . . . Money. We believe this is one of the best small group studies on money out there! Why? Because it doesn’t just talk about money from a practical standpoint—it looks at it from many different angles, including the emotional side of money. There will be short 5-10 minutes of video teaching and then a time of discussion in your group around that teaching. This study is very clear, easy to understand and easy to discuss. Also, there are some fun, hands on activities as well. This isn’t just information about finances, it’s an experience—one that will help you and your spouse get clear about your finances.

*note - if you missed this small group, but you and another couple or more would like to do the study together, we will help you get started! 


We will continue to offer date night gift bags through the year as well. We believe you and your spouse should never stop dating, but we also know that it can get harder to have fun date nights and great conversation, especially after we have children. So we will offer you four different ideas that will help you CLEAR some space on your calendar and plan a great date night. The gift bags will be made available on specific Sunday mornings where you can grab them and take them with you.

  • This or That Date Night. We’re going to make this time together very CLEAR by taking away the challenge of making a decision, and leaving it all up to the luck of the draw.
  • Dinner and a Movie Date Night. This date is a classic—dinner and a movie, with a twist.
  • Wedding Date Date Night. To remember who you are and why you love your spouse, you need some one-on-one time to get CLEAR and connect.
  • My Favorite Date Night. Spend some time on this date seeing each other more CLEARLY as you explore each other’s current favorites.

*past date night themes and other resources are available on our marriage resource page. 

2017-2018 is CLEARLY going to be a lot of fun! So whether you are newly weds or seasoned vets, facing struggles or at a strong place, we want you to be a part of Spark Marriage ministry. See you soon!