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Spark Marriage Ministry

We want to help equip married people. Every couple is an "Us". Every couple is more than two individuals living together, they are two individuals who became one, who became an "Us". We want to help you make time for your us, fight for your us, grow your us, and believe in your us.

In every marriage, conflict happens. Why? Because you are two different people with two different expectations, histories, personalities. So how to do you handle conflict? You really can learn how to respond in a way that fights for your US, and doesn’t just . . . fight. Join us at our next night out event as we explore this topic in a fun way and learn from each other. 

Sign up now to come to our next Night Out event. It's a night of fun and encouragement! 

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Every couple is an "Us". Every couple is more than two individuals living together, they are two individuals who became one, who became an "Us". We want to help equip you to... 

  • make time for your us
  • fight for your us
  • grow your us
  • and believe in your us.

Our four core habits: 

opportunities we offer

Fun. Refreshments. Encouragement. That's what we want to offer on these nights. Married People's Night Out is an evening event featuring a lot of opportunities to laugh together and grow with one another in our marriages. We will offer 4 of these large group experiences throughout the year

Every couple needs a date night. We all know though that it can be tough to come up with new ideas and keep from getting stuck in a rut. We want to help! We will offer Date Night Gift Bags that will have ideas for you to plan an evening out with your spouse. The bag will come with ideas, conversation starters, and a little gift from us to you.

While spending time with other married people in large fun environments is important, having time in smaller groups is imperative. These moments give you greater opportunity to encourage one another and grow as married people in the way that God would desire us to grow. We will offer a 5 Week Study that you can do with a few other couples to connect and grow together. 

We want to give you tools and resources you can use on your own. With the ezine, you will receive a monthly email newsletter. This isn’t your typical “marriage thing.” It is a man AND woman-friendly, mush-free email full of ideas and insights with go-and-do’s married people can actually go and do—and CONNECT! You will laugh and be encouraged, we promise. View a sample.

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