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Message Notes and Stories

These posts tell our story: what God is speaking to us, what God has done in our lives, and what we pray you see Him do in yours. You'll find recent video messages, message notes, individual stories of God's work. 

This is our story.

A Battle For America's Youth: One Generations Call to Another


We were thrilled to have Dr. Ron White, the president of Emmanuel College in our worship service this weekend. He shared with us a great challenge. Below you will find the sharable notes for the May 31, 2015 message. You can post these notes on your social platform! (Each point is less than 140 characters!)

  • Ignorance exists without knowledge and without knowledge there is no ability to produce change. Pursue Godly knowledge and wisdom! 
  • Knowledge we attain from God's word: Love God with everything. Jesus narrowed the law down to this and love others.
  • Knowledge we attain from God's word: Fear the Lord your God. Have a healthy respect for the Heavenly Father. 
  • Knowledge we attain from God's word: Do what's right & good. Don't expect things to go well if you aren't doing this.
  • Knowledge we attain from God's word: Praise the Lord your God. Be content and thankful. Don't gripe and complain.
  • Knowledge we attain from God's word: Remember the Lord your God. Never forget where provision comes from. 
  • The knowledge of God must be shared with others. In fact, Jesus said make disciples, baptize them, and teach them. 
  • Generations have a responsibility to mentor, love, & share God's knowledge to the next generation
  • Young people need big dreams, a strong work ethic, to make a difference in this world, to become change agents. Mentor this generationally! 
  • Prayer Requests for Emmanuel College: spiritual renewal, abundant financial resources,  and more students. #ForEmmanuel

See the live event from "A Battle For America's Youth" in Youversion Live for all scriptures referenced & to add to the notes.