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September 2016 Kid's Church

Kid's News

September 2016 Kid's Church


Trust can be difficult, and it seems like it's becoming more and more difficult. Communicating the importance of trust, how to earn trust, and the value of trust is necessary! This month we're talking to our children about this very topic and how trust means putting your confidence in someone you can depend on. 

Trust comes from understanding that someone else knows more than we do and realizing we can depend on them. It can be difficult for parents to teach trust, but instead parents need to model it. Allow your kids to see you making decisions that show you trust others. Talk with them about who you trust and why. Their trust in others will grow as they see how you trust others. 

Below you'll discover what we're talking about each week, and you'll also see a few downloadable resources that you can use to help continue the conversation at home with your kids. We hope you find this helpful!

  • September 4 - Joseph Sold Into Slavery: When you think you're alone, you can trust God is with you. Genesis 37; 39:1-2
  • September 11 - Joseph In Jail: When life doesn't make sense, you can trust God is with you. Genesis 40
  • September 18 - Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dreams: When the pressure is on, you can trust God is with you. Genesis 41
  • September 25 - Joseph Forgives His Brothers: You can trust God no matter what. Genesis 42-45

Downloadable devotions that you could do with your kids: (Daily devotionals for each week)

Weekly Devotions K-1st Grade
Weekly Devotions 2nd-5th Grade

Parent Cue Sheet to give you meal time discussion ideas with your kids, and other information:

Cue Sheet

You can also join our parents Facebook group to get more ideas during the week. 

Additional verses and discussion points you could use with your kids to help continue the discussion:

Extra Verses