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February 2017 Preschool

Kid's News

February 2017 Preschool


This month, our preschoolers are learning Jesus loves them. Watch this video and then take a look below at each week and the specific story your child will hear. As you scroll, you'll also see a few downloadable resources that you can use to help continue the conversation at home with your kids.

The month of candy hearts and oversized stuffed bears has arrived. It’s the month we set aside each year to celebrate our love for those we hold near and dear. And what says “I love you” better than a box of chocolates or cards that play music when you open them?

As thoughtful as these things are, Jesus has a few different ways of showing us how much He loves us. Jesus shows His love for us by simply wanting to spend time with us. Jesus wants us to come to Him – anytime, anywhere – just come. Jesus shows He loves us by helping us. And, Jesus loves us no matter what.

Spend some time in God’s Word this month reading the stories of Jesus’ love for us. Start in Luke 7 and read how Jesus showered His love on those that surrounded Him. Then, jump to Luke 10:38 and see how Jesus loved His friends Mary and Martha and wanted to spend time with them. Jesus wants to be with you too. Sit with Him and feel the warmth and power of His love for you. It’s SO BIG!

We want to offer you ways to help your children remember that Jesus is God's Son. Here's what we'll be talking about each week: 

  • February 5 - Jesus visits Mary and Martha because He wants to spend time with them. Luke 10:38-42
  • February 12 - Jesus calls the children to come to Him when the disciples try to make them go away. Luke 18:15-16
  • February 19 - Jesus helps a centurion when he asks for it. Matthew 8:5-13
  • February 26 - A woman shows great love for Jesus because He loves her and forgives her. Luke 7:36-50

Parent Cue Sheet to give you ideas of things to do with your children at morning time, bath time, car time, play time and cuddle time:

Cue Sheet

You can also join our parents Facebook group to get more ideas during the week. 

Our memory verse for the month and the hand motions that your children are doing each Sunday to help them remember:

Memory Verse