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Ten Questions Christians Are Asking


Ten Questions Christians Are Asking


Francis Bacon said, “A prudent question is one half of wisdom." From that thought, and in this study, David Jeremiah takes us through questions many people may ask when journeying through faith. 

David Jeremiah states, "Much of my life has been seeking out answers for life from the Word of God, first to satisfy my own mind and heart, and then to meet the needs of others. Throughout my years of ministry, I have found I feel closest to people’s needs when I’m dealing with their most heartfelt questions. Yes, I love to make statements and preach sermons; but I never want to disregard those sincere questions that embody our search for meaning. Questions are the inquiries of curious minds and the entreaties of wondering souls. Where there are question marks in our minds and spirits, we need the truths and promises of Scripture."

This study starts October 7.

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