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Episode 2

Coach's Corner

Episode 2


In leadership we are often so focused on what we have to get done and how it’s going to get done. Should that be our starting point though? We’ll explore this thought in episode 2 of BWC Coach’s Corner.

Watch the video and then comment below with your thoughts and questions. Let’s grow together! You can use these questions to get you started. Answer one or all, or share your own thoughts.

  • Why is starting with why important?

  • How do we burn out when all we focus on is what we do?

  • How have you seen this play out in your life? 

Statements from the video:

  • When talking to others we often start with what we do or how we do things. What and how are not what inspires. The why behind the what is what inspires. 

  • We start with Why when we communicate our purpose or cause first.

  • What we are doing should simply be a reflection of why we are doing it.

  • Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk