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Church Fast


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We invite you to fast with us starting Thursday morning January 3rd through Wednesday evening January 9th. We are not asking you to fast anything specifically, just whatever you would like to sacrifice during these 7 days. For some it may be meals, others it may be desserts, others it may be social media or television. Simply fast whatever you believe the Lord is leading you to go without for these 7 days. 

During this time of fasting we ask that you pray for the following: 

Day 1Pray for God to do the Miraculous in 2019.  What miracles would you like to see take place in our world, your life, or someone you know? Pray for your faith to be increased to believe that God can do the impossible.

Day 2Pray for God’s Peace in 2019.  We need God’s peace in our world, state, community, homes, and our church. Pray for our leaders nationally and locally. Pray for our first responders. Pray for unity. 

Day 3Pray for Salvations in 2019.  Jesus came to save us from our sins and we have been given a great commission to go share His life changing love in our world. Pray for those you know who don't have a relationship with Christ. Pray that we will see many salvations take place in our services this year. Pray for God to give you a boldness and opportunities to speak his grace and truth to others, and to invite others to church this year. 

Day 4Pray for Healings in 2019.  Pray for God to heal the physical, emotional, spiritual wounds of those in need.  Pray for Him to heal from addictions and all things that bind people. 

Day 5Pray for the Worship Ministries of BWC.  Pray that God will anoint our worship times at BWC to be a place where God does a work of transformation to those gathered in our services.  Pray that worship becomes a lifestyle for all members of Team Bethel. 

Day 6Pray for the Outreach Ministries of BWC.  Pray for all the ministries in Team Bethel that are impacting those around us.  God is using these ministries to transform people and impact their lives generationally as well. Pray for Celebrate Recovery, Grief Share, Love Serve Give, Food for the Soul, Sacks of Love. 

Day 7Pray for our Discipleship Ministries of BWC.  Pray that God will use all of our different discipleship ministries to grow people in their understanding of Jesus and His Word. Pray for Pastor's class on Wednesday nights, Mpact, Royal Rangers. Pray for Men's Breakfast. Pray for Women's Ministry and the various times of meetings they have. Pray for small groups that meet within our church. Pray for God's direction in your life to see where you may need to plug in to a Bible study community. 

Join us Wednesday night January 9th as we conclude the fast with a Night of Worship & Prayer from 6:30-7:30pm.